plastic smile (snakeskin_roses) wrote in slayerlore,
plastic smile

hey! i'm new and i just wanted to send out something as a trial run sooo... cool!
comments are welcome and appreciated. write me if you want and thanks. oh! and this is obviously a B/S poem.


"dont you get it, dont you see"
his black eyes shone with malice
"dont you get it, dont you see"
perhaps she came back wrong
first one fist then the other
it was a strong connection
no more nothing but the malice
no more kissing, no more song

"its a trick" the only answer
but the way he makes her feel
not a trick is spelled in punches
and she's gasping for the light
"you're wrong" in desperation
she wont let her voice tremble
"you're wrong" the door is breaking
and they've fallen into night

she's lost, his laugh is cruel
she is spun and she is twisted
she wanders all alone
and shes got no one to love
but he's right there beside her
where the hell does he fit in
and she's saved from utter blackness
he's beneath her, she's above

"he didnt want to hurt her"
its a lie they cast aside
"he hasnt even neared it"

shes playing by the part
two creatures standing frozen
in a fragment of a picture
good and bitter evil
crying violent into art

but now the paint is running
in her desperate addiction
now control is losing
she's a deamon, feirce and wild
just a tiny space
an inch perhaps is give
he's electric feral blue
shes a lost and frightened child

and now her skin is peeling
shes clinging to the pain
the floor becomes the sceiling
and wrong is over right
sticks and stones are bleeding
and it seems to mix in grey
but on the floor two outlines

creature black and angel white

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