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Fic: More or Less: Orpheus NOT Revisited Part II

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Title: More or Less: Orpheus Not Revisited—Part II

Author: Strange Bint

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Rating: M

Pairing: Spike/Faith, Dawn/Connor, Willow/Kennedy

Summary: Connor really hoped Faith’s mind-trip to save Spike would be safer than her mind-trip to save Angel. After The New Initiative and the old Watcher’s messed with Spike’s mind Faith goes into help—literally as she is doing this Connor goes looking for more about his identity and finds something he didn’t expect.

Post-Chosen. Alternate Reality “Angel” Season 5

Notes: *You can read this alone and it will catch you up and make sense.* However this is the second part of an episode of a very long Spike/Faith & Connor centered series which you can start it began all the way back with a fic called “Forget Me Not.”

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Link to this part:

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