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Title: "Disarm"- More or Less 9
Author: Strange Bint
Show: Angel, Buffy
Rating: R
Category: Action/Adventure, Character Study, Drama, Horror, Romance, Series
Warnings: language, violence, bloodplay, h/c, other: see story notes
Characters This Chapter: Angel, Faith, Riley, Spike, Willow, Other
Pairings This Chapter: Faith/Spike
Summary: Love, War , & Vengence. Faith & Spike redemptionista style. Pick up reading this Series now! (Post S7, AR ATS S5) Chap Sum: Faith and the gang found a damaged experimented on Spike. They assume Spike is yet again the victim of The Initiative. The government seems to be coming to reclaim Spike. Faith is not about to let that happen, but in this war many things happen one can't expect.Willow gets some time in the spot-light here.

Author Notes: Very loaded chapter about war and morals and ya know, stuff. Angst & cliff-hanger warning. Feedback at or Livejournal.

Disclaimer: I'll never be like Cousin Jean.
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